About Roberts Aircraft Company

About Roberts Aircraft

A message to our customers from the president of Roberts Aircraft:

With over sixty years of involvement in aviation, we have gained vast experience solving the types of problems our customers face in the helicopter operations industry. By working closely together and taking the long term view on our business associations, we can assure you, our customers, that we will dedicate ourselves to providing quality service and effective solutions for your needs.

With the worlds borders closer together than ever before, this may mean providing helicopter leases to operators fighting difficult desert conditions in the Arabian Peninsula, or for operations in the deep jungles of Amazonia or Burma, or perhaps for an operator fighting fires right here in our own back yard. All we ask for is the opportunity to discuss your requirements and to work with you in achieving the best possible solution to your operational needs.

We understand that cost is an important factor in a successful operation, so we are always ready to work with our customers in exploring options and providing timely quotes for service.

Please feel free to contact us or schedule a visit to any of our facilities at your convenience. We are always available to answer questions and look forward a long and mutually beneficial association with our many friends and colleagues in the helicopter industry.

Kenneth C. Roberts

President, Roberts Aircraft Company

Celebrating 60 Years in the Rotorcraft Industry!

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