In business for over sixty years, Roberts Aircraft continues to be a leader in the helicopter leasing and sales market.

Founded by W. Lynn and Jean Roberts, the company, which first began in fixed wing operations before transitioning to rotorcraft, has seen many changes, and grown into the aviation leader it is today. We remain a family business that, through W. Lynn and Jean’s children and grandchildren, has now seen involvement from three generations.

During our years, we have worked in almost every corner of the world, in varying conditions and aircraft applications. Through these experiences, we have outfitted ourselves with the knowledge to provide our customers with solutions that will fit their specific needs. Our time in rotorcraft has given us the opportunity to witness the aviation industry undergo many changes, and given us the tools to properly adapt and grow along with it. We understand the need to be ever-cognizant of the changing environment, and continue to evolve our equipment and knowledgebase to suit modern issues facing our clients.

Whether you are looking for a quote, or just advice as to whether or not our services may apply to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Roberts Aircraft Co
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